A Happy New Year 2019

I had a whole lot of business over the Christmas holidays. Some were here only to open presents. Some arrived to share a meal along with many others were here for a couple of days. People were sharing Happy New Year Quotes For Friends with coming and going while I had been the 1 constant in the parties.

Since I live alone, the entire experience was quite different from my regular life. You will find menus to organize, groceries to purchase, presents to buy and wrap. And I worked across the whole prep stage.

We had a lot of fun – laughing and playing games and sharing tales.

By Tuesday morning everybody was gone and that I was totally exhausted. I figured the best thing was to simply head to bed that I did!

happy new year quotes for friends

As soon as I awakened, I stumbled on getting things back in order since I had two weeks to work in the workplace before New Year’s Day. Dishes to wash, sheets for your own laundry room, gift things to put away. I had been on a mission.

Setting the alert wasn’t an exciting prospect but I did it. Heading into twenty-three degrees below zero with a back and backseat filled with observation too was not in my wish list but that I recognized the reality that the holidays were over.

There was not much traffic. I had been the first to arrive in the workplace. So, I turned on the lights, booted the computer up and began the afternoon by revising a letter I was working on the preceding week.

Then I started wondering why my customer was overdue. I wondered if maybe my son, Mark, had slept . Something was wrong! I sent Mark a text message which read”Are we working now?” And then it struck me! This was our day off! I was not suppose to be functioning.

I’d just been in the office for approximately a half hourbut it was time to switch off the lights, lock the door and head home.

Throughout the drive, I started to chuckle! I’d made an error that really become a blessing. I had an entire day with no demands. I really could do absolutely anything that I needed to do!

It’s now the start of a brand new year and we can’t predict what that will take place through the weeks ahead. My desire for you, however, is that all your mistakes become blessings.

Happy New Year, everybody!

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